Motivating Sexy Acro Yoga Couple

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Motivating Sexy Acro Yoga Couple

Who said that working out can’t be sexy?! I think sexy is on many people’s minds as Valentine’s day is quickly approaching.

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Sexy can be defined in so many ways. A huge component of sexy it is self confidence. With that you need to be happy and healthy in your mind and body. An outlet for me throughout the years, to become more grounded in mind and body, has been  yoga. Yoga is a perfect activity for  many body types, different flexibility levels, and varying health goals. Yoga works on many core and intrinsic muscles, as well as, concentrating on larger muscle groups, balance, flexibility, strength, and focus. Another thing that yoga has always taught me is not to judge. That can be not to judge your neighbor in class, or your practice versus your teacher/friend, and most importantly to not judge yourself. Self confidence is a huge mantra that I have adapted from yoga into my everyday life. With that mantra in mind, along with my continued yoga practice and healthy lifestyle, I have become much more self confident and sexier. I am happy with my body and what I am doing on a daily basis to be more physically fit and eating cleaner.

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Yoga has many different styles, levels, and practices throughout the world.  Yoga is amazing for reducing stress, preventing osteoporosis, lowering cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure risks.


This video is of a very skilled yoga couple, Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein,  that I have had the pleasure to study with and learn immensely from. They are so inspiring to me as a power couple and phenomenal athletes. My skill level is most definitely not the same as theirs, but they motivate me to practice and develop my skill more. You have to start at the beginning for everything!! And how sexy are they together in this video!?!?!

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