The quadriceps or quads are a group of muscles that stretch across the front of your thigh.  If you want to strengthen your quadriceps and make these muscles clearly noticeable, all you need to do is give them a nice workout by utilizing the following 4 exercises.

1. Sprints

Sprints are easy and can be done just about anywhere as long as there is enough space available. Sprints are both anaerobic and aerobic, which is an advantage, and you do not have to go a long distance. Doing sprints will not only condition your legs and quads, but will also improve your cardiovascular system and overall endurance. Although sprints are easy, it is better to do them on soft surfaces, such as grass, trails or woods, to get some measure of traction.

2. Barbell Step-Ups

Working through functional exercises is the best way to train the body. You can set this functional exercise up by using a barbell across your shoulders just like a squat. Step forward onto a small bench or box at a low height. Use your forward leg to raise yourself when stepping up. Raise your knee up high while bringing your back foot forward. Maintain tension on the leg you used to step forward when stepping your other foot back down.

3. Barbell Lunges

This workout will effectively target your quads. The goal of this workout is to maintain a weighted barbell on the shoulders or dumbbells at the sides while working through a set of lunges, as they are normally done. While lunging, make sure one of your feet is forward and the other is back, and both knees are bent. An optimal lunge is when your forward thigh and the floor are parallel to each other, while your back knee does not touch the ground.

4. Barbell Squats

Squats are regarded as the king of leg exercises. When performing barbell squats, the back should be kept straight and the body should be lowered slowly under tension, until the thigh and the floor are parallel to each other. The body can then be raised back to a standing position.
If you want to correctly work out your quads and get them toned, then these are the 4 most effective exercises that you should do regularly.

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